power freedom

The beacon that is liberty draws this journey.

That right of each person to liberty of action, of thought and aspiration, free from infirmity, inhibition, hold of patron, is to all my works ascribable. A purposed tumult for advancement of the peoples’ empowerment, peoples’ well being with education as a value, economic enablement harmonious with our one earth, stands on bedrock principle, sovereignty of liberty. In steadfast stand for freedom, choose badge of liberty over convenience of servitude.

The advent of a new order of knowledge now holds a promise for the power of the people perennially sought throughout human history. We are witness to a convergence of creations bringing synergy in the spaces of policy, informatics and energy, in blockchain technologies and the tangle beyond, artificial intelligence and robotics, solar and wind and hydrogen power and more, enabling a new economic constitution, offering liberty in self determination.

The genesis and vitality of this brilliant, new technologies ecosystem empowering the individual quest for freedom concurs in sublime alignment with my own. Unity of quest spawns lanuto.eco to serve the gravitas of freedom harnessing our transformative opportunity of this pivotal moment in the evolution of civilization.

Let us strive toward the vision in which every citizen realizes liberty, economic autonomy in energy independence, crossing new thresholds in the journey of human achievement,

as one peoples.

Onward and Upward,

Alfio S. Lanuto